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    The latest development of the compact CPAP and lung ventilation devices powered from batteries required designing small electric motors with low power consumption. Due to the high rotational speed application, the motors are designed to work with high frequency voltage and current. In this case the additional requirements to the accurate efficiency estimation of such motors on the design stage become more important. Thus, the simulations of such motors should take into account all types of losses related to the high frequency application: stator core losses, losses in the magnet and losses in the bearings from stray magnetic fields. The presentation will show the methodology and the simulation results for small high speed motor used in CPAP medical devices for sleep apnea treatment.

  • What problems were resolved?

    The accurate efficiency estimation by modeling and simulation of high speed brushless DC motor by using Magnet 3D transient solver

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Aleksandr Nagorny

Aleksandr Nagorny – ResMed Motor Technologies

Aleksandr S. Nagorny received the B.S in electrical engineering from the Odessa Polytechnical University (Ukraine) in 1978, the Ph.D. from the Kharkov Polytechnical University (Ukraine), in 1989 and MSEE from the Oregon State University in 2003. His doctoral research was in the area of optimization parameters of submersible induction motors used for oil industry.

From 2003 to 2006 he worked as a Research Fellow at NASA Glen Research Center (Cleveland Ohio) in which he was involved in several projects related to the design and analysis of electric machines for space and air-space applications.

From 2006 he works for ResMed as a Principal Engineer in the area of the design of high speed motors for medical application.