• Description

    This talk will present visual basic code snips; and explain how to use MotorSolve as an object within a Visual Basic Application using Visual Studio. The main point of the talk is to teach a person with a beginner to intermediate level of Visual Basic experience how to write an simple application that uses Motorsolve to run a variety of motor simulations, and create a report that is ready to deliver to the customer, and that contains all of the simulation results the customer asked for. Significant time is saved by using the VB application because the user is able to set the inputs of the various MotorSolve analysis ahead of time, into a form in the application, and hence allowing the various simulation to run in the back ground while the user is working on other things. The application delivers the simulation inputs to Motorsolve, runs the simulation, places the results into the report and then starts over again with the next simulation and repeats until all the simulation are done. This is all done without user interaction, other than filling in a form and starting the process. When all of the simulations are complete, the results are assembled into a single MotorSolve report containing the various MotorSolve results. The VB code at the various level of the program are explained and a demonstration of the program will be done.

Steve Huard

Steve Huard – Parker Hannifin Corporation

Steve Huard presently works for Parker Hannifin corporation as a Sr. Principle Engineer. He has worked as a servo motor designer for more than 30 years and has designed a spectrum of servo motors that range from 10’s of watts of output, to 100’s of kW of output. Steve has been involved in the design of a spectrum of specialty that motors that are used to propel submarines, control flight surfaces on aircraft, propel electric vehicles, and position countless industrial servo application. Steve has many journal publications, and has been awarded many patents. Parker Hannifin Corporation has recently awarded Steve with the title of Parker Engineering Fellow.