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    TRANSVERSE flux machines (TFMs) are known for their high power and torque density capabilities. It is expected that TFMs will find their applications in some low-speed high torque direct drive applications such as wind turbine generators or traction motors for electric vehicles. Among all existing TFM geometries,the Clawpole TFM (CTFM) may be the one offering the best compromise between torque density and ease of construction and manufacturing. CTFM magnetic circuits are usually made from soft magnetic composite materials (SMC) for their isotropic properties and for manufacturing purposes. A CTFM version using a hybrid stator made of a combination of SMC and Fe-Si laminations or amorphous material is presented. Compared to CTFMs made of SMC only, this configuration offers reduced iron losses while further improving its manufacturing.

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Maxime Dubois

Maxime Dubois РUniversité de Sherbrooke

Prof. Dubois obtained his BSc. in Electrical Engineering from Université Laval (Canada) in 1991 and a PhD cum laude from Delft University (Netherlands) in 2004. Since 2011, he has been with the department of Electrical Engineering at Sherbrooke University, Canada. He is the founder of Eocycle Technologies and founding professor of AddEnergie Technologies. His fields of interest are electrical machines and power electronics applied to wind energy, energy storage and electric vehicles. He is a registered engineer, a member of IEEE and has published 75 papers. He holds 6 international patents and acts as a consulting engineer on a regular basis.