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    The last fifteen years of using Magnet has resulted in the generation of over 4300 Magnet model files in 1800 different models with more than 18,000 supporting files of graphs, spreadsheets, and reports. I will be presenting some of the more interesting cases highlighting success and the occasional failure.

    Most of the work has been with static permanent and DC electromagnetic field analysis. I started using Magnet 2D on 80286 processor computers about 1986. In 2002 I became the full time lead magnetics circuit analyst. Until a few years ago I provided worldwide support for all of the Eriez affiliates. There is now a second seat of Magnet at our Eriez China facility.

    The smallest analysis was for a dime sized PM position sensor and the largest for an over 500 ton High Gradient Magnetic Separator. I will present what I hope is an interesting variety of the problems we have solved using Magnet without going into particular design details. These include lifting, conveying, and a myriad of magnetic separation equipment. Most will be amazed at how these products are used in producing everyday products . I think it will be interesting without being a technically dry presentation.

Mike Ross

Mike Ross – Eriez

Graduate of Penn State University and Gannon University.

I have been employed by Eriez as an engineer for over thirty-nine years. My positions have included process, design, and management. I am currently the senior engineer supporting electro and permanent magnetic projects around the world.

In whatever time remains in the day I care for a herd of Scottish Highland cattle.