• Description

    In 2014, a group of university students undertook the challenge of building the most eco-energetic vehicle in the world, and vowed to prove it to the world by winning the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit. After two years of hard work, the Beyond Team managed to demonstrate their statement by winning the competition, far ahead the rest of the other teams.

    The Beyond project had something that none of the other teams had, something which gave us an overwhelming advantage over other competing teams. An electric motor, built from scratch by the electrical engineering students of the team, designed with one of the best Electric field simulation software on the market: MagNet.

    During this presentation, I will briefly go over what the Beyond Project is, and what makes our vehicle so unique. I will then Present the details of the design phase and how MagNet was used to optimize the design of our motor. Finally, I will demonstrate the results of the simulation MagNet has provided us with, and how we brought the simulated design to reality by building our own motor.

  • What problems were resolved?

    The problems resolved with the use of MagNet were the efficiency optimization and reduction of core loss by simulation of the magnetic flux created by the windings of the motor. This was done by writing a dynamic code in Visual Basic compatible with MagNet which permitted us to test several designs of motors without having to re-draw the whole thing. We were able to easily modify the design of the motor based on the results of the simulations of each iteration, until we could find the optimal motor application.

  • Technical Level


Raphaël De Roy – Project Beyond / Universite de Sherbrooke