Date: Tuesday November 7, 2017

By special registration only – this course is an opportunity to learn more about the recent improvements introduced in MagNet and go beyond introductory topics.

This one day training session will give you all the tools you need to ensure you are using the latest features to their full extent. By attending, you will learn how to be a more proficient user and get the most accurate simulations possible.

Topics Include

  • Time-harmonic analysis: adjustments to B-H curves, instantaneous fields, iron loss
  • 2D solving: direct (new) vs iterative
  • Nonlinear solving: improved Newton schemes
  • Transient solving: voltage vs current sources at start, time-averaging window
  • Materials: New modeling scheme (esp. Rayleigh region, extrapolation)
  • Parameterization: new “Indexed” mode of problem generation
  • Geometric modeling: Edge chamfering and filleting
  • Coils: Graphical definition method, updated coil panel
  • Circuits: Voltage and current controlled switches
  • Meshing: treatment of holes and cavities, mesh layers