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    Using MagNet parameterization function has greatly improved the efficiency of my simulation project, which involves numerous calculations for various magnets with different dimensions at twenty-three air gaps. The user-defined parameters can be set either using MagNet Modeling Toolbox or using the component’s properties box at the Parameters tab. One example is for the rectangular prism shaped magnets: by creating user-defined parameters length and width from 1 to 50 with increment 1, one such parameterization run results in 2500 data points for one thickness. Another example is for ring magnets: by creating user-defined parameters radius 1-25 with increment 0.5 and thickness 1-25 with increment 1, one simulation run results 1225 data points for a fixed inside diameter. Different setting can also be used for rings, cylinders, or other shapes. Details and figures will be shown in the presentation.

    Accuracy is always one of the main goals in our project. If the mesh is set very fine for an accuracy in certain level, the simulation may be very time consuming, and one run for 2500 problems takes 48+ hours. If the mesh is set not fine enough, the accuracy may be questionable, especially for small magnets at large gap with weak magnetic field. Using balanced setting can make the simulation in an efficient way. It is also observed that two objects with larger volume difference in one system may have very different accuracy in resulted force, but they should be the same.In this case, select the force extracted from the steel can save time and obtained good accuracy.

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Christina Chen

Christina Chen – Magnet Energy LLC

Christina Chen received her PhD. in materials engineering from University of Dayton in 1993. She has many years’ experiences in both industrial and academic areas in the field of magnetic materials and their applications, including 9 years for Electronic Energy Corp, 11 years for University of Dayton, 2 years for GE Global Research, and 2 years for Quadrant Solutions.

Christina is currently working as a consultant with Magnet Energy LLC. Her interests include magnetic materials’ applications and electric machine simulation and design.